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Infusion sports bottle producer & supplier,this bottle are 24 OZ,could fit most cup holder,or you can get anywhere you to buy one piece for your private daily use.bottle itself is perfect for sure,but bottle body are plain,without any decoration,seems dull,we must use something to decorate it,logo or slogan text printing are the best way to solve.

Today let’s talk about the printing,usually we do screen print for one color logo,it’s simple and easy to complete,just send us the logo in PDF or AI format,we will setup the logo in film and staple to one wood frame,we could customize the logo size for best looking,logo position are also very important,usually on middle or 1-2cm from bottom,depend on customer’s requests.before printing,we’d mix ink based CMYK,usually need to mix 3 different color ink to process,the percentage of each ink will affect the final color,it’s depended on workers experience,some workers who are good at mix,they could finish in short time,after mixed,we’d print on bottle sample and compare to Pantone board to check if color are close,try some times until they think color are OK.the wood frame had to be equipped to printing machine and adjusted position,then pour the ink on the film then could print mass production.

Another way is heat transfer,heat transfer are suit for colorful logo,the color are adjusted by machine automatic by setup company,we don’t talk more about the adjusting machine,as the logo had to be transferred on bottle by heater,so there must be glue on the film,usually front & back glue,if the bottle are transparent clear,they had to add white on film.once the film in hand,we’d heat the rubber roll to about 240℃,and put bottle to heater for some minutes,once ready,the worker put the bottle below rubber roll and finish the this way,the logo will never fade,will not come off use finger nail to scratch,also could pass tap testing,the bottle could be washed by dishwasher.

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