Water bottle to add fruit

Water bottle to add fruit,we are one of the leading factory major produce plastic water bottle which could add fresh fruit,different style,different function,to satisfy different consumers,some lid are transparent but infuser are colorful,some with flip top,some with easy carry handle,you can choose which you are interested and buy,click here

Today let’s talk about why use plastic water bottle which could add fresh fruit.

People nowadays became fat,why?because they eat foods with much cream and butter,also like to eat fried foods which contain high energy,they like to drink soft drinks contains sugar and energy,those foods and drinks make you fat and harmful to health,that’s why fitness club became popular,because many people want to loose fat,it’s inconvenient to dress clothes,to sleep,to go outside,scientists researched and found fat people’s lifetime are shorter than normal,because fat people will have many diseases of heart,blood.

Can we throw away the fried foods and soft drinks such as COCA COLA,PEPSI and use pure water add fresh fruit or green tea to instead?the answer is YES,mixed fruit had plenty vitamin,also you could DIY your favorite tastes,i had wrote some recipes before,it’s popular even it’s the treatment of diseases,you could lose fat easily if you keep use.

Green tea are also good to your health.

1. Green tea has the effect of delaying aging

2. green tea has the effect of inhibiting cardiovascular disease

3. green tea has preventive and anti-cancer effects

4. green tea has the role of prevention and treatment of radiation damage

5. green tea has the effect of inhibiting and resisting viral bacteria

6. green tea has the effect of beauty and skin care

7. green tea has a refreshing effect

8. green tea has a diuretic effect

9. green tea has the effect of reducing fat and helping digestion

10. green tea has the purpose of protecting the teeth


Let’s do from now on,no need go to fitness club,the money will be saved for more times traveling,don’t forget bring your private plastic fruit infuser bottle.


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