Water bottle with insert for fruit

Water bottle with insert for fruit,we are leading manufacture to produce this series bottle,knew what customer searched,required,interested,try our best to make the bottle which customer are satisfied.people main cared about if the bottle are BPA free,if the bottle leak proof,if the bottle scratch resistant,if the bottle fragile resistant,we say YES,i am not advertising and preaching here,it’s the truth.just place order and cross your finger waiting,we could fulfill door to door service.

Today i would like to talk about the bottom of bottle,you will find there must be some words or site or slogan or other text which on bottom of bottle,plenty information there.if you place order to us,we could customize and setup what you required.

People often care about the volume of the bottle,what’s the capacity finally?for example,our bottle are 700ML,we often called 700ML,but some customers called 650ML,or 24 OZ,we tested before,the real capacity are 680ML,tolerance are 20ML,indeed it’s accepted by consumer,they don’t mind because it’s really a little.if you want the capacity showed on bottom,we could do engraving.

Some customer want their website or food grade symbol on bottom,we also could engrave,the costs are the bottom mold are separated from blowing mold,we could take off the bottom mold easily then send to engrave factory,they will type your site or slogan by software then the engraving machine could finish automatically.we assembled the bottom mold to blowing bottle mold,the contents on bottom bottle are clear enough,it’s another way to advertise your company which are widely use.

Just place order and tell us your requests,don’t doubt our ability,we do! 


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