Bpa free fruit infuser water bottle

Bpa free fruit infuser water bottle,made of durable plastic,700ML capacity,middle size,could be use for sporting or for work in office,daily use,click to buy now.

Today let’s talk about how much water need to drink one day and what time to drink water.

The first bottle of water:6:30 

One night's sleep after the person gets up,the human body begins to lack water,should first drink 250ml of water to detoxify the kidneys and liver.

Second bottle of water:8:30 

Drink 250ml of water before work,because getting up from the morning to office hours is very compact,the body is easy to dehydrate in the invisible.

The third bottle of water:11:00 

In the busy work,the third bottle of water is used to supplement the water needed by the body, which will relax the work mood and have a spirit to enter a good working condition.

The fourth bottle of water:12:50 

After lunch,a bottle of water helps digestion of the stomach function.

Fifth bottle of water:15:00

Use a bottle of water instead of afternoon tea and coffee.

The sixth bottle of water:17:30 

Work a day to get a bottle of water,so as not to overeating dinner.

The seventh bottle of water:19:00 

This time period is the peak of metabolism,remember to drink a bottle of warm water to promote body detoxification.

The eighth bottle of water:20:15 

Drink a bottle of water an hour before going to bed, but do not drink too much to avoid affecting sleep at night.

Total 8 bottle of water,about 1500ML needed one day,you can DIY the fruit flavored water by your infusion bottle,bring it to office,drink necessary water,absorb nutrition meanwhile to keep healthy.we could print the water line on bottle to remind you how much water left in bottle,drop an order now.


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