Sport water bottle with fruit infuser

Sport water bottle with fruit infuser,we major produce plastic fruit infuser bottle,have stock for many colors such as blue,green,red,purple,yellow,orange,pink,black,you can get one color or mix color.also we have 700ML and 800ML for option,click to buy.

Today let’s talk about how to choose a better supplier.

there were many plastic bottle supplier,it’s hard to choose a better one because similar price,similar shape,similar i tell you how to make decision,for fruit infuser bottle,there were one fruit basket in it,you can shake the bottle to check if the basket shake also,it’s bad if the basket will shake,it means the rack on top basket not fits good to bottle,the basket will scratch bottle inside wall,then the bottle will be looked like a second hand.

Another way is checking the rack & basket thread,if both thread are not deep,the basket will fall off during shipping,you could test by drop the full bottle from 1 meter height,if the basket are fall off,the bottle are not good,can’t use because the basket will scratch inside wall.

Last way is check if the bottle outside and inside part are full of dust,the bottle from good supplier are clean,no dust stay on it.

Detail determines success,if supplier not concentrating on detail,though they export big quantity,the business will not last long time,because the reputation are bad,just one time business.the bottle from Yanxiang factory are tested and improved many times,we often consider us as a client to check if still needed improvement,that’s why we win many customers and do business for long time,choose us now.


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