Large fruit infuser water bottle

Large fruit infuser water bottle,we are factory major produce plastic water bottle,stainless steel water bottle,travel mug,the main material are Tritan,GPPS,ABS,PP,PE for bottle body and other parts,all material used are 100% BPA free,detox,eco-friendly,worth to have one piece for private use,click to buy.

Today let’s talk about the Thread of the bottle.

Usually the plastic water bottle are single thread,about 2-3 threads,the thread had slope edge,that will fit lid good when screw.for Tritan material bottle,the thread will be thicker than GPPS material bottle,because Tritan material are soft,easy to press by finger,also the lid which made of PP material are soft,if for cold beverage,the lid will seal edge of bottle tightly,if for warm beverage,the lid will slip when lid are screwed too tight,because warm beverage will make bottle and lid more soft,that’s why we don’t recommend screwed too tight.

If use Tritan material fruit infuser water bottle to put carbonated drinks,please screw out a little,after the steam come out and the pressure turn to normal,then screw out full lid,if the bottle had the spout,no need to screw out lid,just wave the spout until spout hole straight to lid hole,the steam will come out then drink.please follow this way or the beverage will jet suddenly to your face or dirt clothes,even you will be injured by steam.

We try to repair the bottle mold to make the thread more thicker to anti-slip,but it’s not a good way to improve,because bottle edge will be grind some plastic powder when screw lid,the powder will be easily sucked to your mouth to hurt your health,so we give up.

We are bottle expert,the features of each style are tested by us for many times,then we get the conclusion how to use,we wrote it to instruction,only follow our instruction,the bottle will be easily to use,and extended life span.

Finally,please stop use bottle rude,be gentled to it,it will be your best friends.


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