Ice freezer stick plastic water bottle

Ice freezer stick plastic water bottle,our factory not only produce fruit infuser water bottle,we also produce other bottles such as ice freezer stick plastic water bottle,sports water bottle,travel mug and so on,all products had it’s special features,welcome customer to send inquiry and place order.

Today let me introduce the ice freezer stick plastic water bottle.


Take a look at the shape,you will like it as it’s cute,curved bottle body,compass attached,bright color,500ML volume,we recommended use for touring and sporting.

The composition are as follow:

Bottle body:AS material which are BPA free;

Lid:PP material;

Ice stick:PE material;

Strap:PE material;

Before use,please take out the stick and put in refrigerator for some hours until it’s frozen,then assemble to bottle,if you want the water could be cold for longer time,please add some ice cube in bottle,the bottle mouth are wide,so easy to put.

Make sure the refrigerating liquid in the stick are sealed before use,as the liquid are poisonous,if the stick are not sealed or broken,please contact supplier to replace.

The mouth are pull and push designed,pull the plug when you drink and push after drink,the dust will not come in to pollute your beverage.the strap are made of PE material,which soft and easy for easy,no worry hurt your finger.

Another bright spot of the bottle is the small compass,it’s attached on bottle by glue,looks very cute,also it’s very useful,no matter where you go,the compass will guide you the orientation,never mind be lost.


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