Water bottle with insert for fruit

Water bottle with insert for fruit,we are factory concentrating on producing,selling fruit infusion water bottle for many years,rich on experiences and know what customer wanted,think what customer worry about,try our best to satisfy customer with high quality and competitive price,that’s our motto,we kept to buy from us.

Today let’s talk about the mold of water bottle.

As we know before we produce water bottle,we must tool the bottle mold,the bottle shape,capacity,measurement are based on mold,so mold is the key factor to affect bottle quality.

Chinese Proverb:He that would do well to his work must have his tool first,only the mold are tooled OK,the bottle will be OK.

There were some areas in China good at tooling mold,Guangdong province’s mold are the best,but tooling costs are expensive,Jiangsu province’s mold are also OK,costs are little expensive,Zhejiang province’s mold are also good,especially Huangyan city,famous as mold and plastic bottle.all our bottle mold are tooled in Huangyan city,there were many factory which tool mold.

Choose a tooling factory is a study for us,not all factory could tool the good quality mold,we must visit some factory and check their current mold,or we get the good factory’s information from friends,as we know good factory’s public praise are OK,it’s spread widely and known by other factory.when we decided one factory to co-operate,we will send artwork or samples to them then their boss will calculate price carefully for each parts,different price with different quality.for example,the molding line position,factory could choose metal,stainless steel,18-8 stainless steel,it’s easy to know 18-8 are best quality,use this material to make edge,the lifetime will be longer,the tooling factory guarantee 18-8 stainless steel edge could operate 500,000 times without repairing,if made by metal,they guarantee 100,000 times or less,of course the price are much different.

Tooling time are different,usually for bottle body,tooling time are one month or less,bottle other parts,the tooling time are 40 days or more.our current co-operated tooling factory recommended use the best material and of course we agree with them.

People can check the bottle in market,you will find some bottle’s molding line are very thick,you can touch the molding line will find it’s uneven,it’s ugly even the logo will fall off if heat transfer on the molding line,this bottle are made of low quality mold or the mold are very old,even more than 1 million times operation,it’s unacceptable.we will scrap the mold once reach it’s lifetime and tool new one,we kept responsible for customer,trust us!


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