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Fresh fusions water bottle supplier & vendor,our factory major produce fruit fusions water bottle,it’s made of high grade plastic such as tritan or GPPS,both material are 100% BPA free,it’s single wall,transparent clear to see fruit inside,can’t help drinking and eating,to get one piece for use now.

Today let’s talk about the screw lid,most screw lid are made of PP or GPPS,when screwed to bottle,it’s not recommended to twist too tight,or there were be some powder stay on the neck thread,because the lid thread squeeze hard to bottle thread,some plastic powder come out when grinding.

As most lids had silicon gasket,no need to worry bottle will leak,some people think only twist tight the bottle will leak proof,it’s wrong,when the bottle are supplied,the factory already checked how the gasket be,thin or thick,wide or narrow,if too thin,can’t seal the bottle,if too thick,the lid can’t be twisted good which looks ugly,even the silicon gasket will change it’s original position and come out when you twist off the lids.

Our bottle are 100% sealed,all bottle which we sold had tested leak proof by us many times,don’t worry the bottle will wet your backpack or handbag,it’s eco-friendly which could be use freely,it’s joyful to use our bottle,order now!


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