Juice infuser water bottle

Juice infuser water bottle manufactured in Yanxiang plastic factory,it’s single wall which made of high grade plastic,100% BPA free,many colors for choose,such as

 black,green,yellow,orange,purple,red,blue,pink,also you could buy assorted colors,drop an order now.

Today i’d like to talk about how to wash the this bottle are single wall also transparent,so it’s easy to wash,for surface,it’s recommended wash by hand,if it’s very dirt on surface,we suggest to use some detergent to wash then use soft fabric to wipe water drops on it.

For inside,it’s prohibited to wash by sponge which contains metal or copper wire,because the sharp wire will scratch the inner wall,the surface will become uneven,although it’s not visible by eyes,but it will be contaminated,the bacteria will stay there which can not be clear easily,it’s harmful to your health.

The best way is poor some warm water then wipe inner wall by soft sponge some times,keep the inner wall smooth,after wash,keep the bottle inversion for half hour,the water drop inside will disappear.

For other parts of the bottle,firstly use hand to separate all the parts gently,turn on the tap water,put the parts under water,then use sponge to wipe edges of the parts,the dust or dirt will be removed easily.the bottles parts also could be put in dishwasher to wash if you are not free.

In a word,try best not destroy the bottle’s surface,we guarantee the bottle could be used one year at least.choose us,choose our bottles and enjoy your happy life.  


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