Infusion pro water bottle

Infusion pro water bottle,these bottle are hot sale on Amazon,many merchandiser get from our factory and sell on Amazon,repeat order frequently.usually mix colors because different customer fond of different color,you also could buy from us directly,click here.

Today let’s talk about the bottle colors.

Our bottle have black,blue,red,green,yellow,orange,pink,purple colors,after many years selling,we noted these colors are hot sale,why?let me explain here:

Black symbol is deep, oppressive,solemn, mysterious,ruthless,and is a contrasting white color. There is a feeling of darkness, such as mixing with other colors to contain a sense of concentration and center of gravity.For formal occasions.

Blue symbol quiet, free, fresh,dark blue can also mean loneliness, melancholy,taciturn,light blue represents innocence, purity,while blue also represents calm, stable.

Red symbol passionate, lively, and public.It is easy to inspire courage,but also easy to get angry, emotional fluctuations,red also has a warning.

Green symbol fresh, healthy, hopeful, also is a symbol of life. Representing the sense of safety, calmness and comfort, in the places where the four seasons are distinct, such as seeing the trees of spring and the green leaves, it will make people feel fresh.

The splendour and splendor of yellow, with the radiance of the sun,symbolizes the light of wisdom that illuminates the darkness.Yellow has a golden glow,symbolizing wealth and rights,it is a proud color.

Orange symbol fashion,youth,dynamic,and a sense of energy.Blazing life,the sun is also orange.

Pink symbol Cute, warm, delicate, youthful, bright, romantic and enjoyable.

Purple symbol a little cute,mysterious,noble,elegant,and also represents extraordinary status.

The best sold color are pink and black,we had plenty stock could ship in 1-2 days after you place order.drop enquiry and order now.


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