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Today let’s talk about the customized color of bottle.

Some customers want their bottle to be customized by their favorite color,these colors are not normal,we had to send PMS number to color powder company to get the color powder which match PMS number,different material with different powder.some customer claim the bottle looks ugly because colors are not matched,for example,bottle body are made of GPPS material,the PMS number is 185C,the lid should not be 185C,because lid are made of PP material,the lid should be another PMS number then could match bottle color.even same PMS 185C for translucent bottle and solid bottle the colors are different,that’s why color powder company always ask the PMS number are for translucent or solid bottle.they had their color system,different material they had different color number,if you want the bottle with all parts are matched color,just offer us one PMS number for one part,they will use their system to match for other parts.

For logo printing color,we also had to consider if the color available.for example,if the bottle body are transparent,we don’t recommend to print classic blue color,because the oil for this color are translucent also,once you see the color under sunshine,the logo are not solid color which looks ugly,other colors are OK.if the bottle are translucent or solid black color,we don’t recommend to print yellow or orange color,though the oil which printing workers adjusted are yellow or orange color,the color will change to other color once printed on bottle,it’s true,we faced this problem before.

Below are example picture,our printing workers adjusted for 3 days,but customer don’t satisfy with that because black color absorb color,it means the same yellow or orange oil which printed on black bottle,the color will changed,very strange but it’s easily to understand.for example,in Summer season,not many people dress black clothes when outsize exercise,because black color clothes will absorb heat which make you hot,that’s why we dress white or other light color clothes.

Anyway,when you decide to order from us and want your logo be printed,please consider what i said to save time.


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