Water bottle for fruit infused water

Water bottle for fruit infused water,we are a plastic water bottle manufacturer,our bottle are made of high grade plastic material,100% BPA free,bottle body are smooth,the moulding line are straight,thin,easy for logo printing,the bottle body are high transparent,no bubble and impurities in it,high quality,very suit for promotion,click to buy.

Today let’s talk about the injecting & blowing machines.

Injecting & blowing machines had two kinds,one is automatic,another is semi-automatic,automatic machines are expensive,about US$50,000 per set,also the mold costs for automatic machines are expensive,about US$50,000 per set.the advantage of automatic are high capacity,usually could produce 10k pieces per day.the quality are high grade because the machines and mold are more sophisticated.the mold line on screw thread and bottle body are in same position which looks more beautiful.this kind of machine suit for big quantity order,not suit for small order quantity because the machine are big,install and disassemble need much time,also mush material will be wasted,as we know the capacity are 10K pieces per day,if for small order quantity,the technician need to install and disassemble the mold frequently.finally the costs for each bottle are expensive.

Semi-automatic machine are small,come out bottle one by one,suit for small or middle order quantity.the machine costs are about US$20,000 per set,molding costs are about US$10,000 per set.the mold are easy to install and disassemble,though small order,the material stay in injecting section are little,easy to clean,the costs per bottle are more cheaper.the disadvantage of semi-automatic are capacity are small,about 220 pieces per hour,also the machines are separated in two parts and run in normal workshop,the dust in workshop will fly everywhere,the bottles will be easy to has the spot and small bubble.

Unfortunately our current machines are semi-automatic,all we do just make the workshop more cleaning,the operate workers more experienced,then they know how to avoid spot and our bottle quality are not bad than big factory which had automatic factory,and our bottle are accepted by many customers.


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