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Professional plastic water bottles manufacturer&supplier

Yanxiang Plastic Factory is a professional manufacturer and supplier of plastic water bottles and fruit infusion water bottles in China. Our company is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise from R&D, production to sales. We have advanced production technology and rich production experience,so we can ensure good Pre-sales service and after-sales service.

Our company is now equipped with 15 professional injection molding machines and blow molding machines, and there are 60 packaging machines,with an annual output of 5 million of bottles. The products are mainly sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. our products with the aim of quality and customer first,We are welcomed by more and more people. Now we have a lot of agents and wholesalers, and we also provide services to large supermarkets.

Our products include:

  • fruit infusion bottles
  • safe plastic bottles
  • stainless steel bottles
  • aluminum bottles
  • sports bottles
  • coffee bottles
  • car bottles

250m2 Inject & blow workshop,workers concentrate on producing plastic water bottle

250m2 packing workshop

experienced workers packed the goods

250m2 Warehouse

The goods are kept orderliness

packaging accessories

Bottles & packaging accessories are transported to packing workshop by elevator


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