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Water bottle for fruit infused water factory & manufacturer,we concentrating on producing these fruit infused water bottle for many years,owned plenty experiences on avoiding scratch and leak proof,we are honored by many customers because our professional.if you want to place order,please click to contact us,don’t hesitate to ask questions or tell us your requests.

Today we are talking about the instruction of how to use this bottle,the cylinder in the bottle which put fruits are made of GPPS plastic,GPPS is a glossy, transparent particle. Light weight, low cost, low water absorption, good colorability, dimensional stability, good electrical properties, transparent products, and easy processing. GPPS is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aliphatic ketones and esters but only swells in acetone. It is resistant to certain mineral oils, organic acids, bases, salts, lower alcohols and their aqueous solutions.

After studied the features,we knew that GPPS will react with strong acid,it means we can’t put much fruits which are strong acid,for example,we can’t only put orange or lemon in the cylinder,we must mix some fruit which are acid and alkaline features in it.some customer claim there were juice attached on cylinder or inner bottle which can’t be washed,because they didn’t follow our instruction.

You will get one sheet manual which printed instruction when you buy from us,follow the instruction then the bottle could be used many times,place your order today!


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