Best water infuser

Best water infuser,it’s a bottle with infuser basket in it,to hold fresh fruit,with this basket,people could drink hydration water with fruit Nutrition to keep health,the fresh fruit contains much vitamin,indeed those people’s skin are springiness,luster,looks younger than other people after they drink plenty water with fruit infused,our fruit infuser bottle could help you,click here to buy.

Today i would like to share problem which we faced these days.

Last week we got an order of fruit infuser bottle,700ML,GPPS material,transparent bottle body.we found the scrap rate are high,i checked the defective bottle,there was one stain inside the bottle,all same position,often happened,usually 15 pieces one time,it’s strange.we use the 100% new material to produce,so the material are no problem,it means the problem happened when injecting.i observing for about 2 hours when worker operating machine,this will happen one hour one time,but can’t find the reason,that makes us big lost.i called the inject machine supplier,the technician come and repair for one hour but failed,we felt upset and had to sop the operating,puzzling how this happened.maybe mold’s problem?i called the mold factory,described the problem,their technician said yes it’s the mold problem.there were rubric oil on edge of mold which open and close,when the mold close,the rubric oil drop on the Tube embryo,just wipe the rubric oil,the problem will be solved.we run the machine again and do as their instruction,yes as he said the problem are solved finally,the scrap rate are reduced to normal.

There were variety of problems happened during producing,some problems you never heard of,only good at features of the machine,the mold,you could find way to solve,experience are very very important.


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