Water bottles with fruit compartment

Water bottles with fruit compartment,the fruit compartment could be used for fresh fruit,other name are fruit infuser,or fruit basket,or fruit cylinder,it’s extra function to hold fruit in bottle,this way you could drink hydration water with fruit nutrition,it’s one of the hot bottle and favored by people who like exercise,such as cycling,yoga,hiking,jogging, to buy now.

Today let’s talk about the bottle size.

Our bottle are round shape,the diameter are 7cm,height are 24.5cm,volume are about 700ML,it’s middle size suit for most people to use.if bottle too big,it’s heavy to carry and brought burden when traveling,affected the joyful journey,also the water will not fresh if stay in bottle too long time as you couldn’t drink out immediately.if bottle too small,can’t put enough water,you will lack of water during sporting.700ML are classic size and accepted by most people.

People often cycling,they usually worried where to put the water bottle,they bought rack and assemble to bike,as the rack could be scaling so it’s no need to worry about if fit for your bottle,the scaling size are from 5cm to 7cm,the rack could hold your bottle tightly,no slip off.

There were many people drive car for traveling,they want have one bottle to be put on cup holder,our bottle size also fit for most cup hold and leak proof,no need to worry water splash out.

Ladies like fashion products and often shopping,except dress up yourself,bring a favorite and personalized bottle will glorify you,make you distinctive unusual from other people.our bottle has handle,easy carry by 2 fingers.if your hand are not free,you can use carabiner bind to your backpack,even you can put the bottle in your handbag no problem,all up to you.

Plenty style,brand bottle filled in market,some good,some not good,some bad quality,you can use what we teach and buy a good,enjoy your happy life.


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