Plastic market and forecast

Plastic market and forecast

PE market:
Yesterday, the market price was generally stable and slightly adjusted locally. The current market news is unclear, and traders are more concerned with the wait-and-see attitude and maintain flexibility. The downstream factories have a general willingness to purchase, and the actual demand still meets the demand for orders.
Today's forecast: Expected market price fluctuations today

PP market:
Yesterday, the market price was slightly adjusted, and the polypropylene futures oscillated in the intraday trading. It was difficult to have a clear guiding effect on the market. CNPC and Petrochemical maintained a stable ex-factory price. Traders’ stable price shipments were the mainstream. The terminal’s initiative to receive goods was not high, and the overall trading atmosphere was flat. .
Today's forecast: It is expected that the market will adjust in a narrow range today.

PS market:
Yesterday, the overall market price was weak, the raw material styrene went up and down repeatedly, the business mentality was cautiously wait and see, the downstream factory inquiries were general, the market sentiment was light, and the market was generally trading.
Today's forecast: The market is expected to decline in a narrow range today.

ABS market:
Yesterday, the market price was stable and small, the petrochemical ex-factory price was partially lowered, the business confidence was insufficient, the downstream market was weak, the demand was dull, the market was less talked, and the actual transaction was limited.
Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market conditions will be flat and partially down.


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