Flavor infuser water bottle

Flavor infuser water bottle,we are one of leading vendor of plastic water bottle in China,major products are plastic water bottle,fruit infuser bottle,flip top sports bottle,tumbler and so on.we are proud of our technician and experienced workers,their work are won much reputation by customer and other plastic water bottle factory,never worry about quality if buy from us,click to order now.

Today i want to explain how is our quality.

As we know the PC material are very hard,never be broken,why?the full name of PC are Polycarbonate,it’s widely used for engineering because it’s special features,Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic resin whose name is derived from its internal CO3 group.It can be synthesized from bisphenol A and oxychlorocarbon (COCl2).The more widely used method is the melt transesterification method (bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate are synthesized by transesterification and polycondensation).

Some factories use this material for water bottle,take a look,it contains Bisphenol A,it’s harmful to health,so we never use this material to produce water bottle,indeed this material are replaced by Tritan which are BPA free,also fragile resistance,the PC material’s melt degree are 270℃,it’s hard to produce because the temperature are high,it hurt finger when take from injecting machine,also it will hurt the screw of machine,expert said the screw need to be replace in one year if produce PC material bottle.

Few month ago,i went to molding factory together with our technician and plan to tool another new bottle,brought our bottle sample which made of GPPS material,after talked to the molding factory’s boss this bottle are made of GPPS material,he was shocked,how can we adjust the machine?he even thought it’s made of PC material because the bottle are very hard to press,neck,middle,bottom are same thickness.he said almost no factory could produce this high quality bottle in Zhejiang province(as we are lack of funds,so our machines are semi-automatic,it means need workers to operate machine by manual),it’s almost same quality as bottles which produced by automatic machine.

We absolutely believe the Chinese proverb:as long as the kung fu deep iron pestle grinds into a needle,it means if you concentrating on one thing,try best to study,to develop,to research,to test,you will go high which nobody can reach.


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