Plastic drink bottles for promotion

Plastic drink bottles are the best promotional items, and most promotional companies have displayed plastic water bottles for their customers, which are favored by consumers.

First of all, plastic water bottles are cheap and belong to daily consumer goods. Everyone needs to drink water every day, and the plastic water bottles of various styles can meet the needs of different consumers. Consumers who love sports are more suitable for large-capacity plastic water bottles with handles;
Students are more suitable for small-capacity plastic water bottles with straws; consumers who like to shop are more suitable for hand-held straw cups; cycling enthusiasts are more suitable for straight-shaped bottles, which can be placed on bicycle cup holders.

Secondly, the plastic water bottle is suitable for printing the customer's logo. Simpler logos are screen printed and very cheap; more complex colors can be used for thermal transfer. Cool graphics can be a good example of the brand represented by the logo, promoting corporate culture and philosophy.

Plastic water bottles can be bundled with other main products, which can be quickly opened for the main products in the budget of the company. It is a common means of marketing for most companies.


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