Is it safe to reuse plastic water bottles?

Plastic water bottles are very common in our lives, we often use plastic bottles to drink water.A lot of people ask: Is it safe to drink water in plastic bottles? Or Is it safe to reuse plastic bottles? Today, we will introduce you how to identify good plastic bottles.

Regarding the material of the plastic bottle, we can understand the logo on the bottom of the bottle, and the number in the triangle mark indicates the material of the plastic bottle. The following is a small series of popular science books about plastic bottles. What kind of plastic bottles are healthier?

1 Bottle bottom logo:PET

PET material, often used in the market for beverage bottles, this material can be warm water for a short time, heat to 70 ° C, the use of this bottle, can not be filled with acid and alkaline drinks, can not be loaded with high temperature liquid, not suitable for exposure, Otherwise, it will produce toxic substances harmful to the human body.

2 Bottle bottom logo:PP

PP plastic bottles, using polypropylene, thermal stability and insulation are its two major advantages, therefore, we can rest assured that this material bottle, it is safer than ordinary plastic bottles, harmless to the human body.

The bottle made of PP can be sterilized at a temperature of 100 ° C or higher, and it is not deformed even at 150 ° C under the condition of no external force, and there is no pressure in boiling water. It can be said that it is a plastic bottle material that can be used with confidence.

Our products are made of safe plastic and have no harm to people. You can use them with confidence. You can use them to put hot water and use them for a long time.


3 Bottle bottom logo:PC

PC-based bottles are commonly found in kettles, space bottles, and baby bottles. Under normal circumstances, the bottle of this material is unstable and is not resistant to high temperatures. It is easy to release the toxic substance bisphenol A (BPA) when heated or in an acid or alkaline environment. Therefore, if a bottle of such material is purchased, Do not use it to hold hot water when using plastic bottles. It is also best to use warm water when cleaning bottles.

4 Bottle bottom logo:PS

The plastic bottle made of PS material has a crisp texture and is not resistant to high temperature. If it is filled with hot water, it will melt and it cannot be used in high temperature, strong acid and alkali environment.

5 Bottle bottom logo:

AS (acrylonitrile-styrene resin), PC material and other types

This type of bottle is good and has its drawbacks. AS is generally used for pots, bottles, bottles, etc. It is safe, strong and resistant to breaks, but its shortcomings are the same as many materials - not high temperature. If you use cold water or warm water, it is harmless to health, but if we use it for hot water, its material will produce substances harmful to human health after being heated. Therefore, when using AS plastic bottles to drink water, be sure to avoid using hot water.

The above is the full introduction of plastic water bottles. The performance of cups with different materials is not the same, so we should try to choose the bottle of PP material, so that we can be healthier.



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