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Today let’s talk about how to drink water and drink how much during sporting.drinking water before and after exercise is more stressful.Everyone knows that when we exercise, we have to sweat a lot.Water is lost,and if you wait until you are thirsty and drink water,you lose balance.So we should drink water before exercise. Lose sweat after exercise and lose some electrolytes.Therefore,after the exercise is over, when drinking water,you must drink a small amount of food,do not drink a lot of water.Because the body temperature is increased after exercise,you have to sweat and drain,so repeated heavy drinking water can easily lead to water poisoning.After exercise, you should not drink only boiled water or clear water.Add a little salt to it.If you exercise,immediately drink a lot of white water.There is no electrolyte inside. Moisture should enter the brain cells, causing edema of brain cells.Light may cause dizziness and vomiting.The heavy ones also have mental symptoms.

Except add a little salt,drink the water with fruit infused,also help you recover,the fresh fruit had plenty vitamin and electrolyte,that’s why many people do exercising with a bottle full of fruit flavor water,better if added some ice cube,you will be cooled down by cold water,also your body will absorb the nutrition fast because heartbeat rapidly after exercise.

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