Where to buy fruit infused water bottle?

Where to buy fruit infused water bottle?Yanxiang plastic factory are the best choice,we are professional producer for fruit infuser bottle,as these bottles are hot sales recently,we have plenty stock so you can get small quantity even one piece.the bottle which we sold are checked one by one by ourselves,so don’t worry about quality,just use freely.

Today we talking about the suitable temperature of water to put into bottle.indeed plastic water bottle are not suit for hot water,because plastic are chemical material,this material will release harmful substances once reach hot liquid,the harmful substances will not poison you immediately,it’s hurt your health for long term,though the bear temperature of plastic bottle are 0℃ to 100℃,but really we don’t recommend to put hot water,the best temperature are 0℃ to 50℃.

We ever exported one container plastic water bottle to Japan,the temperature which engraved on bottom of bottle are 0℃ to 100℃,it’s same temperature which showed on test report,once the container arrived Japan,it’s stopped and inspected by local custom,they picked random some pieces and tested in their lab,the bottle are shrink when temperature arrived 100℃,they think we cheat them and the bottle are harmful to health,the goods are confiscated by them finally.

Indeed there was one mistake,the bottle will never shrink if put 100℃ water,but if they put empty bottle to heat container which 100℃,it will we had to tell you once you apply for testing the bottles,please make sure the temperature in applying sheet are 0℃ to 90℃,trust us,we lost US dollars 30k for that container and lost the customer.

We had plenty experience for plastic water bottle producing,shipping,buy from us you will never face big problem,click to order now!


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