Fruit juice infuser water bottle

Fruit juice infuser water bottle,we are one of the leading factory mainly produce fruit infuser bottle,plastic water bottle,tritan flask,tumbler,all products are made of 100% new not recycled material,our bottle could pass FDA,REACH,LFGB certificates,could be sold in America,Europe,Asia,Africa market,you can test by your side,we could send free samples,or we could test here and costs paid by you.both SGS and BV testing company are no problem.

Today let’s talk about the bottle differences which made of new material and recycled material.

According to statistics,there were about 1k plastic bottle factories in Jinhua area,though only one set machine we called it factory or small mill,some factories produce bottle and accessories,some factories only manufacturing accessories for big factory.there were about 500 shops which supply plastic material,such as Tritan,GPPS,PP,ABS,PC,most material are new,imported directly from factory,some material are recycled,all be used for bottle and other products which had plastic parts.

For bottle body,it looks pure,transparent,no much dots or bubbles in it,we considered it good quality,but some factories mixed 90% new material and 10% recycled material,the bottle looks not good,have some dots or bubbles in it once you look under sunshine or light,we considered the quality just so so,some factories which are bad,they mix 30% recycled material or more into new material,the bottle will be looked ugly,almost full of dots or bubbles in it,but they sell same price as bottle which made of new material,customers had to polish your eyes to distinguish.

For accessories,most are made of PP material,as recycled PP will become to black color,so only made the black color parts,if the PP parts are made of new material,it looks smooth and shiny,or it looks dull.most bottle lid are made of PP material,the lid touched water directly,so if the lid are made of recycled material,it’s harmful to health.if other parts which don’t touch beverage,it’s no problem to use recycled material to reduce costs.

We recommended customer check market and products before bargain,if factory price are much lower than market,you’d be careful,you will get products which made of recycled material,you will lost market and clients.our factory are honest,price not lowest but we are sure it’s competitive,we take customer as our blood,our eyes,it’s necessary all the time.don’t hesitate to buy from us,click here


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