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Best reusable water bottles

Yanxiang bottles is one of the best reusable water bottles Environmental protection & save the Earth become the main article and paid more attention by Government nowadays.why?the pollution are widely affected human’s life,living garbage,industry garbage could be easily found everywhere,especially the non-renewable plastic could not decompose in decades.

As we know the plastic bottle are favorite container to drink water,it’s colorless,odorless,BPA free,don’t contain heavy metal,recycled,economic.

We Yanxiang manufacturer are one of leading vendor mainly produce plastic water bottle,sports water bottle,fruit infuser bottle by high quality plastic such as GPPS and Eastman Tritan,both material are tested safe to health,has the official certificates report.

Usually we sell GPPS material water bottle to those developing or underdeveloped countries and Tritan water bottle to those developed countries because price are different between them.

Everyone has a duty to protect the environment.if the bottle are useless,please put into garbage can which marked recycled.if you want to buy high quality plastic water bottle,Yanxiang are the best choice.


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