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Cheap plastic water bottles, although the price is cheap,the quality is still high-end.

Most consumers want to buy plastic water bottle for drinking at low prices, but most water bottles are inferior.

In fact, the cheap price of the bottle does not mean that the quality is inferior. It is only cheap to make the bottle. The cheap raw material is based on non-toxic and harmless to the body. It is not produced by recycled material which is odorized. After the high temperature is returned to the furnace. The internal structure of the material changes, releasing harmful substances.

For a cheap bottle, in addition to seeing whether the material is new or not, other aspects are also important. For example, if the surface of the bottle is scratched, small scratches are acceptable because the cheap bottle material is brittle and fragile, and the other characteristic is easy to scratch. If a large area of scratch is not allowed.

The second is to see if the surface of the bottle is smooth, whether there are other impurity particles and blocky debris in the bottle body, which determines the purity of the bottle. Most factories produce cheap bottles that are very irresponsible from the beginning of the raw materials. The workshop is messy and the dust is flying all over the sky. It is easy to cause impurities to be mixed into the raw materials, resulting in impure bottles.

The third is to check whether there is water leakage. Usually, the cheaper bottles do not have a sealing ring. If there is no sealing ring, it will definitely leak, unless there is a water sealing design on the inside of the lid. The quality of the bottle is good, and water leakage is a key factor.

The fourth is to see if the parts of the bottle are tightly assembled and the edge position is smooth. If the bottle has a lot of flashing edges and burrs, on the one hand, because the mold age is too long, the mold clamping position is worn, and on the other hand, there is no repairing after the parts are produced. prune. Too many flashes and burrs are not allowed, and if it is serious, it will cause consumers to cut their fingers and lips.

In a word, the cheap price is important, but as long as you choose carefully, you can buy a bottle that is satisfactory.


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